SEED is an award-winning public benefit organisation focused on developing the capacities of youth to transform under-resourced neighbourhoods to food security, climate adaption, social cohesion and prosperity. Based out of Mitchell’s Plain on the Cape Flats, our core programmes provide environmental education and green economy skills development, promoting sustainable livelihoods, entrepreneurship and eco-enterprise creation.

Our work places youth at the centre of environmental sustainability. We believe that by connecting youth to the environment and equipping them with the know-how to harness the opportunities present in the Green Economy, we effectively deal with the youth unemployment crises and the need for local resilience.

Since SEED was founded in 2000, we’ve dedicated our time to pioneering the Outdoor Classroom in South Africa, growing ecological literacy in schools, as well as organic food for school goers and the communities in which they are situated. As we’ve become more connected with communities, we’ve developed our service offerings responsively.

In 2012, we launched the accredited Green Economy Youth Programme, equipping township youth with skills they can use to secure jobs in the Green Economy. Three eco-enterprises have since been established and incubated out of the APT programme, and in 2013, we started Food Freedom Homes Movement, a crucial intervention that addresses food security, health and wellbeing, vulnerability management and sustainable livelihoods.  

We take pride in working with urban township youth who have typically been excluded from accessing further education or employment due to low-levels of education. Unlike many other skills development programs that require Matric, our Youth & Green Economy Programme looks at core competencies over qualifications, drawing strength from the diversity of participants and connecting participating youth to work in a growing field while growing their personal resilience capacity.

Our Impact

  • 34,000 School learners reached
  • 1,000 Teachers equipped to use the Outdoor Classroom
  • 5 Textbooks written with teachers
  • 5,000 Textbook copies distributed
  • Training manuals developed for Youth, Community, Teachers, Caretakers
  • 98 unemployed youth graduated from Accredited Training
  • 70% graduates employed in “green” jobs
  • 89% of graduates growing their own food
  • 3 Eco-enterprises incubated
  • 238 Homes supported through Food Freedom Programme
  • 5 Neighbourhood Permaculture Hubs established
“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”
Bill Mollison