The Youth and the Green Economy Internship ended with a bang last November and the physical presence of last years graduates has been very much missed at Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre, although though their green footprints are always evident within the gardens and landscapes. The graduate’s actions are now a legacy left to Rocklands Primary School and the communities within the Cape Flats, as is evident above in the transformation of the zone 2 system they installed at Rocklands.

APT participants leave the programme with both the knowledge and skills that enables them to provide creative solutions to the daily challenges faced by the majority of South Africans. These challenges include a food insecurity, loss of biodiversity, access to basic services and community dislocation. Participants are able to use these skills in creating entrepreneurial ventures that assist in the development of our natural resources and strive for ecologically sound business practices.

We look forward to the next round of interns as we prepare to create a greater ripple within South Africa’s growing green economy. 

Applications for the Accredited Permaculture Training and Internship programme will open later this month, so watch this space.

For more information on the internship please contact Calvin Dias on