In week 3 of the Accredited Permaculture Internship Programme, participants were reintroduced to alternatives technologies. We visited energy systems within SEED’s naturally established environment at Rocklands to identify energy pathways and natural processes that could assist in providing innovative solutions that harness free energy.


In assessing the socio-economic challenges that our societies face globally, we looked at past and current solutions that can offer alternative means of providing energy for daily processes. In this the participants were tasked with constructing solar cookers and solar dryers that will be used in the food preparation processes during the internship program. Through these exercises, students have gained practical skills in basic carpentry as well as working with hand and power tools. Participants are now able to produce environmentally sustainable household solutions to increasing  energy demands.


On Saturday 28 June and Monday 30 June, students were able to utilize their skills on a project in Bo Kaap Cape Town. The project is a partnership between Meshfield and SEED that is looking to create food and energy security in the heart of the mother city. This project has been great exposure for the participants, to the world of urban permaculture. Viva Permaculture Viva.


In week 4 we will be completing the final touches to the the solar prototypes we made this week and begin our next projects, constructing rocket stoves and hot boxes. Using free energy to live freely.