Our third and final week on the training segment of the Applied Accredited Permaculture Training Programme rounded off regenerative agriculture practice by planting up the seed bank garden to maximum capacity at Rocklands. Before we moved into the final Permaculture design work, Wendy Crawford spent time with the students sharing her experiences on grain production as well as Holistic Management Practice with Dexter cattle. We also explored chicken systems integrated with food and fruit production. A zoom back into the home space covered green technologies with quite a focus on energy saving methods.



We eased into the final design phase with some basic drawing lessons. Students had the opportunity to present preliminary design thinking to each other before finalising their group designs. They were tasked with two urban designs in Mitchell’s Plain; a green space intervention; a timber, fuel, fibre and medicine design focus; as well as two more food production related designs. The design exercises pulled together the wide range of knowledge we had shared on the course and participants were astounded as to what they had learnt in only three weeks!



The course ended on a positive and emotional note with twenty one new Permaculturalists realising that they had the tools to create the reality and future they really wanted. There was also a deep understanding that we work best in teams that have shared vision, and many people felt that they had found a new family of friends in Permaculture.


Written by Calvin Dias: Co-facilitator of the Accredited Permaculture Training and Internship Programme.