SEED Food freedom Project activists are currently “permablitzing”  and implemeting a Nodal Resource Centre at Wilweena and Ronald Fortune’s home that will support members of the Food Freedom Project  and other residents of the Portlands area in Mitchells Plain. Wilweena is a home entrepreneur and her newly acquired gardening skills will support her as a home executive of seedlings, compost, worms, herbs, garden produce and recycling goods.


On Thursday and Friday, 4 & 5 September 2014, the Food Freedom Project began implementing a food and medicinal garden in Wilweena’s home which included staple crops, perennial herbs and shrubs, composting systems, vertical gardens and mixed crop rotational container beds.


During the 2 days, we also work-shopped the urban home design of a typical home on the Cape Flats to new and current members of the Food Freedom Project as well as the APT students. Here, our participants learned about the guiding principles of urban agriculture and the use of locally sourced and up-cycled gardening material such as baths, plastic bottles for rain water harvesting, wood and planks.

Watch this space as we complete Wilweena’s garden and the establishment of further Nodal Resource Centres in Mitchells Plain as part of our WesBank sponsored Food Freedom Project.

Written by Micky Van Der Hoeven: Project Leader of the Food Freedom Project.