Food Freedom Homes Movement

Growing a resilient home garden network supported and mentored by community activists to produce food for eating, sharing and selling.

“Freedom is meaningless if people cannot put food in their stomachs” – Nelson Mandela

In 2013, we launched the Food Freedom Homes Movement, a project dedicated to equipping community members to grow their own food and live sustainably. Since then, we’ve reached over 238 homes in communities across Mitchell’s Plain, with plans to reach hundreds more in the future.

What We Provide

Home Gardening Training

We provide community members with practical training where they learn how establish and maintain their very own food garden. Our training is hands-on, ensuring gardens are implemented successfully and have the best possible chance of survival.

Training is offered at one of our 13 neighbourhood resource centres. Each centre is equipped with permaculture resources, and some even offer small nurseries where community members can purchase plants, generating an income for the household.

Home Gardeners Network

Community gardeners can join our Home Gardening Network for a fee of R15 per month, and  receive ongoing mentoring, training and support, increasing their sustainability and food security.

Support is provided by Food Freedom Activists, local community members who are trained in permaculture.

Climate Adaption Programme

As part of the Food Freedom Movement, we retrofit homes in the Mitchell’s Plain community to be water and energy efficient, and partner with the Canadian Human Rights Commission to train households on how to implement climate-smart practices.

Rocklands Food Freedom Farmer’s Market

In 2017, we will be launching a monthly farmer’s market where home gardeners can sell and barter their locally grown produce.  Watch this space for more details!

“I was a very worried person until I received the phone call to say that I was accepted into the Mitchells Plain Food Freedom Program. After two days I had learned so much that my fingers started itching to grow my own food. Now that I have learned so much, I know what I won’t go to bed hungry anymore, without food for my child and me. I am very grateful to the people that make this possible for us.”
John Scott
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Food Freedom

Food Freedom – supporting a movement of home gardeners
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  • The Effectiveness of Retrofitting Interventions in South Africa’s Low-Cost Housing Sector – Rehana Odendaal and Jeeten Morar (April 2013).Download PDF (395KB).

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