The past few months have been somewhat of a roller coaster ride for the Gourmet Mushroom Enterprise, full of high flying progress moving them closer towards full-scale production and low laying roadblocks in which they have had to manifest creative solutions to get around.
But the ever devoted mushroom team has proven to be even more resilient than previously thought as they relentlessly and collaboratively strategise, and they have now taken matters into their own hands by self-financing the retrofitting of one grow room and the ordering of  900 ready-to-fruit logs from a new partner Arteforce of Bloemfontein whilst we making moves to apply for additional gap funding.
It has become even clearer that the value creation potential of the enterprise is excellent as locally grown gourmet mushrooms (not from China) are an untapped market in South Africa.  Together with the support of partners from the past,  the Gourmet Mushroom Enterprise will continue on their journey towards self-reliance and financial profitably launching SEED’s first successful community enterprise.