“During the PDC and internship I had the privilege of healing the wounds from my battles while I watched my fellow students fight their giants. Dire conditions and meager supplied we marched forth. The Farmy Army. Some students found it difficult to make it to classes at times due to financial and social constraints and yet their dedication to their studies was immovable.  The NGO, Seed, that administrates the course brought the same level of commitment to their students offering support on many levels. The little known NGO’s venues in Mitchell’s Plain,  Cape Town,  is where the students spent the greater part of 6 months undergoing facilitation and changing the world as they went along.

As the course progressed the students formed a bond. We each became aware of the binding factor. We all had seen the harsh reality of what this world is like, however we still believe it’s worth saving. I was blessed to spend so much time with people devoted to planting gardens to feed and bring healing to people who will never even know they were there, who would never be able to repay them in any way.

The facilitators training methods where flawless when executed in line with each individual students progression. Another forward thinking initiative was the injection of the students into the green and alternative realms through a 3 week job shadowing opportunity. As a pilot and first of it’s kind in South Africa it was a success. Meeting the families, co workers, network of businesses, attending events one quickly becomes aware of a caring community the world refers to these people as alternative/hippies. I see only heroes because when these men and woman hold up a placard in protest they do it for everyones prosperity not just their own.”

Saudiq Jamodien, Graduate 2014
“The Accredited Permaculture Course has given me a good all-round knowledge in designing and implementing systems that make people happy and keep their tummies full. Permaculture can solve the worlds problems. I feel capable and committed after this course. I am now working at Springdale Primary as a gardner.”
Arthur Stanley Booysen, Graduate 2012

Green Economy Youth Programme

Building resilience and creating opportunities for township youth in South Africa

“If countries fail at creating jobs, their societies will fall apart. Countries, and more specifically cities, will experience suffering, instability, chaos, and eventually revolution.” – Jim Clifton

The SEED Green Economy Youth Programme is a six-month skills training course that equips unemployed township youth with skills to harness opportunities in the Green Economy.

As an accredited Level 4 skills training, the programme provides youth that did not complete Matric with a Matric-equivalent certification, opening up opportunities for further education and employment. Entrepreneurial minded students are encouraged to explore eco-enterprise opportunities, with the possibility of their enterprise being incubated by SEED’s Green Umbrellas Incubator.  

Who can apply

The programme is designed for unemployed township youth, and is in high demand, with over 132 applicants for the next training.

The Programme

This accredited skills training connects youth to employment, grows eco-preneurs and builds resilience in township neighbourhoods.

Accredited Permaculture Training

In the first month of training, students complete Accredited Permaculture Training (APT), specialising in the design, implementation and management of systems.

Specialising in the Green Economy

Students then complete a 20-week hands-on internship, comprised of three days of skills training and two days of job shadowing per week. The training covers 9 different modules, from urban landscaping to organic food production, while job shadowing gives students hands-on experience in the Green Economy, both helping students to secure future employment.

Personal Development

As participants are often exposed to daily traumas that inhibit their chance of personal success, we have weaved personal development throughout the Green Economy Youth Programme. We also include a focus on personal resilience and food security to ensure our students are set up for success in class and at home.


We aim to equip our students with the skills they need to secure employment, further education, or to start their own eco-enterprise. The Green Economy Youth Programme is accredited at Level 4 (Matric) on the National Qualifications Framework.

Our Success So Far

To date we have facilitated five trainings and graduated 98 township youth with:

  • 70% of participants employed into green jobs
  • 89% of participants are still growing their own food
  • 3 youth-led enterprises incubated and launched

Youth & Green Economy

Apply for the Accredited Permaculture Training and Internship