The Hundred Homes Project has continued to grow local gardeners and local facilitators over the past few months and we currently have 142 Mitchells Plain homes on board!  The first formal FOOD FREEDOM workshop for all the new members took place on Saturday, 28 March and we are nearing a total of 200 people trained as a result of this WESBANK funded programme.

Our Master Farmers implemented another Perma-Blitz at Jacqueline Julie’s home in Westridge. She is a member of a home schooling parents group in Mitchells Plain, and the blitz had an additional focus on implementing systems to facilitate outdoor learning activities ( a SEED speciality!) with some of the other moms and kids coming to join in.

Finally a huge shout out to the wonderful people at Reliance Compost for their continued support of SEED and the Hundred Homes Project. They are currently supporting our 142 home gardeners with compost.

The year ahead looks set to continue to be an exciting one as we continue to grow home gardeners in Mitchells Plain, promoting food freedom, sustainability, resilience and social cohesion within the local community. Watch this space.