• Mesclum_Mix_Lettuce

    Mixed Lettuce

  • ashwagandha-plant


    Ashwaganda, also known as Indian Ginseng and Winter Cherry is a medicinal plant grown for its root, and is considered to be one of the great rejuvenative herbs of India This 5 foot shrub has pretty green foliage, yellow flowers and red fruits. It has toxic properties, so care must be taken if used for medicinal or other purposes.
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    Snow Peas

  • f68740501bdd9ad3b8ff9a55a42ed2f9
    As beautiful as it is delicious – the Black Beauty Eggplant (also sometimes referred to as “Imperial Black Beauty”) is the classic heirloom eggplant that has set the standard for over a century. Black beauty will typically yield 4 – 6 fruits per plant. Plant seeds indoors or out for a bountiful harvest.
  • stinging_nettle06
    Drying or cooking stinging nettle eliminates the sting, and these attractive plants have a long history of use in herbal medicine, as a medicinal shampoo and are reputed to alleviate symptoms in cases of arthritis and many other complaints. The young shoots taste like spinach and are rich in vitamins and iron.
  • Lima bean Phaseolus lunatus 'Christmas' (2) JWC
    A vigorous, climbing, tropical lima bean, it lives for many years and is excellent at coping with wet, humid conditions. It can be used as a tropical alternative to broad beans or as a dried bean. The dried beans cook quickly and make tasty vegetarian burgers!
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    Sweet Basil

    A very popular and easy to grow herb. Harvest often to ensure a continuous supply all summer long. The delicious leaves can be used either fresh or dried.
  • CatnipGreen


    A favorite for cats and cat lovers, the leaves of this herb can be used either fresh or dried. While feline owners delight their cats with it, catnip can also be used to make a calmative tea, as well as an aid for the relief of cold symptoms in humans.
  • 1893957_130425174900_01086_2048x2048
    This wonderful open pollinated South African variety of carrot produces high yields of delicious tasting and well keeping carrots.
  • mizuna


    Mizuna is a hardy Japanese non-heading type mustard that is extremely vigorous, cold tolerant and very slow to bolt. Delicious in salads, stalks are slender, feathery and mildly spicy. Perfect for the home gardener!
  • radish-_purple_plum
    Purple Plum Radish produces deep plum purple globe shaped radishes with a sweet, tender, crisp, white flesh.
  • Florence-Fennel


    The seeds and leaves of the fennel plant impart an anise tang, and is delightful in sauces, soups, salads and more. Fennel is easy to grow and it hardly needs watering at all, but, it has to be growing fast for the leafbases to be tender enough to eat.