• An old time favourite, the yellow pear tomato is seriously prolific. A great tomato just loaded with hundreds of small sweet tasting yellow pear-shaped fruit. A good cage or trellis is recommended for heavy production.
  • Detroit dark red beets are considered one of the most outstanding beet varieties, and for more than a hundred years it served as a standard by which all other beets were judged. It produces well formed, almost round, blood-red 8cm diameter, nutritious roots. Growers regard it as one of the most dependable root crops to grow for taste and keeping quality.
  • Calendula

    Calendula has long been loved for its prolific sweet scented bloom, is also sometimes known as “pot marigold”. Notoriously easy to grow from seed, Calendula is typically grown for its floral beauty, but it is also famously used as a medicinal herb especially for skin, and is an edible flower as well.
  • A popular European leek, with long stalks and a very good flavor.
  • Intensely sweet, flavorful, small yellow tomatoes. Plants bear loads of small, yellow cherry tomatoes on vigorous plants.
  • True Siberian Kale is a highly productive, hardy variety of kale that is becoming harder & harder to find. The plants are big vigorous monsters with plant size being important when it comes to kale since dwarf types don't produce nearly as much food. Produces tons of tasty kale in the spring.
  • Feverfew

    Feverfew's small daisy like flowers have a lightly citrus flavour which is more pungent when dried. A proven anti-inflammatory, Feverfew has traditionally been used for reducing fever (hence its name), headaches and arthritis.
  • A very attractive and delicious heirloom Pole Bean variety that is drought-resistant and produces very well.
  • Sage

    Sage is a strongly flavored, woody and hardy perennial herb. It is one of the more important kitchen herbs for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.
  • True Spinach

    Wonderfully versatile, this spinach can be eaten raw in salads and added to sauces and curries. True spinach is a smaller-leaved, more succulent variety compared with perpetual spinach. It’s a fantastic crop with a beautifully sweet flavour.
  • Tanzy

    Tansy has a long history of various uses. An herbaceous aromatic with fern-like leaves and golden yellow button flowers that grow in clusters, the fragrance is pleasant and refreshing, if somewhat medicinal - reminiscent of camphor and lemon,  hence its most popular uses are pesticidal and as a preservative.
  • Soup Celery

    A variety of celery that is grown for the leaves and does not produce large stalks. The leaves resemble parsley and have a strong celery flavour which makes this variety excellent for drying. It is also the easiest variety of celery to grow. A must for soups, stews and salads.