The SEED Seed Bank continues to grow with Tania who heads the Seed Bank selecting some wonderful new open pollinated  varieties for our winter seed saving crops to adapt to the local conditions here at Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre. The Russian Red Kale that has been growing beautifully with its Caprico Onion ,Bulgarian Giant Leeks and Henderson Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce companions.

Russian red kale seedling

Tania and her helpers have been very busy these past few months harvesting, processing, cleaning and packaging seeds, and we are very excited to announce that 35 varieties of our open pollinated heirloom seeds are now available for purchase via the SEED online shop. We are particularly pleased with the yield from our summer crops, and amongst others, Tania highly recommends the Yellow Pear Tomatoes pictured below; they are delicious and abundant!
Yellow pear

Yellow pear tomatoes

Zapotec pleated tomato

Zapotec pleated tomato

Tania also had the privilege of sharing the surplus of knowledge by running a short “Introduction to Seed Saving” workshop with this years Applied Permaculture Training students as well as with Ekasi Project Green. “It was awesome sharing this important knowledge with such an inspirational bunch of beautiful people,” she commented.


Tania sharing her seed saving knowledge

We were also very sad to say goodbye to two seed saving beauties Marina and Hannah, our SEED volunteers from SAGEnet who went back to Germany after being with us for a year. They have been such a blessing in assisting Tania with the growth of the Seed Bank over the past year, and we would all like to say a huge thank you to them both for all the hard work and love they have shared with us. And the fact that they will be using their seed saving knowledge when they get back home to start seed banks within their own communities, is an added bonus.

Saving seed

Please do take a look at the wonderful variety of open pollinated heirloom seeds available online via the SEED shop, and remember to save and share seed for next year!