“There is only one way to remove negative and destructive aspects of the lives of the young. All educators are obliged to show children so much beauty and truth that there is no longer room in a child’s soul for hideousness and falsehood – provide the children intellectual nourishment, lead them to new knowledge with enormous amounts of imagination and thought, to stimulate the child to gain new perceptions. All those things can only be achieved by artists and educators.”
The Theresienstadt Ghetto

“Gardening is great for children. Kids in the garden learn new skills and have fun, especially when they grow an edible garden. Children can learn about science, nature and the environment from growing their own food. The whole project creates opportunities for people to be a part of something, where they can experience a sense of worth and value. By transforming our environment, the value of appreciation was brought to every single individual that’s part of our school.”
Mr A.H. Davids, Educator, Zoar RP Botha

Schools Programme

Pioneering the Outdoor Classroom in schools across South Africa.

Over the last 14 years, we have dedicated our time to pioneering environmental education in under-resourced schools across South Africa. We’ve seen time and time again the power of outdoor learning in connecting children to their ecosystem and bringing about community transformation.

Outdoor Classrooms

Our Outdoor Classrooms provide resource-scarce schools with an enriching space for school goers to learn about the environment and engage with core school curriculum. We train teachers on how to use the outdoor space for an enriching learning experience, and have published five textbooks to support teachers in delivering core curriculum and ecological literacy.

As permaculture hubs, Outdoor Classrooms also act as a central location where individuals and families from the surrounding community can easily access the resources they need to grow their own food.

Learning Adventure Tours

We offer “Learning Adventure” tours and workshops for teachers at our Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre. The tours and workshops are focused on inspiring teachers to take learning outside, bringing alive the CAPS curriculum while instilling a love of nature and the environment.


Here at SEED, we want to share all that we’ve learnt over the past 14 years.

We have written four textbooks that meet curriculum standards and provide comprehensive primary classroom resources, making the delivery of the curriculum easy for teachers to implement.  

“The SEED programme has managed to create a new love and appreciation for plants and crops in our learners. They really enjoy working in our garden and realize the value and advantage of growing your own crops. This for me is a key value seeing that we are
living in a rural area.”
Mr. F. Lee, Zoar RP Botha Primary
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Organic Classroom Programmes

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