Leigh Brown works as the Visionary Director for SEED. Leigh has 17 years of experience in sustainable farming, education programmes for schools, youth and community. Practiced in strategic visioning and implementation of community based programmes and enterprises. Adept at driving multiple initiatives, and development campaigns, ensuring financial sustainability and organizational oversight.

Saudiq Jamodien is the Project Manager the Food Freedom Project, he is also an Assessor for the Green Economy Youth Programme. He has a background in education and finance. He has come through the Green Economy Youth Programme and passionate about living sustainably and skills development.

Gail Bailey administers and facilitates the Food Freedom Project. Gail comes from retail a background until her daughter got really sick and she left work to support. She found her passion through attending workshops at SEED and signing up as a Food Freedom member. Gail is passionate about helping the Mitchells Plain community to become resilient and peaceful through growing food.

Imraan Samuals works as a Facilitator for the Food Freedom Project and the Green Economy Youth Programme and also supports the Climate resilience design and implementation programme. Imraan has been mentored through the Green Economy Youth Programme and is passionate about Sustainable Living at a household level.

alexAlex Kruger is lead facilitator of the Green Economy Youth Programme and the Training of Trainers Programme. Alex has 20 years experience in facilitating Permaculture Design Courses, managing community projects and has worked extensively in South Africa for the last 20 years.


Calvin Diaz facilitates the Green Economy Youth Programme and holds the Climate Resilience design and implementation portfolio, which seeks to grow regeneration at a city-wide level. Calvin cut his teeth in the Outdoor Classroom National Programme in Johannesburg and Limpopo and is experienced in Personal Development and Transformation.

Bridget Impey ably leads the Green Umbrellas Incubator and is passionate about social enterprise. She studied horticulture and ran her own landscaping business before working with Abalimi Bezekhaya for 9 years. She is grew the Harvest of Hope box scheme and realized her passion for small business development.

taniaTania Jacobs is the SeedEO of the Natural Seed social enterprise. Tania has been mentored through Green Umbrellas Program and is currently selling seeds at markets and organic shops around Cape Town.


Yoliswa Mahobe runs the tour enterprise at Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre and also works as an Assessor for the Green Economy Youth Programme. She has 9 years of experience facilitating schools programmes as well as teaching adults about sustainable living practices and food gardening.

Caron Tomblin is passionate about Food and Climate Justice and worked with Mitchells Plain Food Freedom on their Manifesto. Caron brings such beauty and joy wherever she goes that enables people to open up and find their voice.


Stanford.logo Stanford University’s Bing Overseas Study Programme in Cape Town brings Stanford students to Cape Town to engage in a rigorous academic programme and service-learning placement. We deeply value our partnership with SEED and the opportunity we have to place our students in service-learning positions at the Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre.
CPUT The Cape Peninsula University of Technology is collaborating with SEED at Rocklands. Various departments of the Faculty of Informatics and Design, including Architectural Technology, Industrial Design and Film and Video Technology will work together to develop learning opportunities in sustainable suburban living.
uct knowledgeLOGO The UCT Knowledge Co-op aims to make it easier for community partners to access UCT’s skills, resources and professional expertise. It helps initiate collaborative projects that address concerns of community groups by linking them with appropriately qualified staff and/or students at UCT. We are working together on various research projects where students and/or academics from UCT work closely with SEED staff on issues SEED has raised –learning a lot while producing something useful for the PBO.
_Innovation_pdf & Innovate is working with SEED to develop the business models and go to market strategies across 4 projects within SEED. The process includes: Business Modeling workshop, Go to market, Bi monthly progress reviews and ongoing advice.
Druck SAGENetis a collaborative platform of South African and German organisations who promote sustainable and social development in both countries. They facilitate program that promote intercultural learning, personal growth and professional exchange as well as global learning. SEED enjoys the input of SAGENet volunteers every year.
Henley logo 2014 Henley Business School UK (University of Reading) have committed to actively engage with South African Civil Society by bringing their MBA and Executive MBAs to Cape Town to undertake an action learning project that brings real benefit to Cape Town Based Non-Profit Organisations (NPO). Henley are working on SEEDs reputation and communication of the bigger vision to our funders. Vital work!
mesh Meshfield is a consultancy/research lab that delivers innovation for financial, social, cultural and environmental sustainability, in companies, organisations and communities. Our aim is to inspire and support healthy human creativity; seeding and supporting whole-systems, regenerative design solutions for life to thrive on earth. Meshfild and SEED are doing an exchange – with Meshfield supporting the integration of Holocracy into our internal communications and SEED supporting the development of an urban Permaculture model in the Bo-Kaap.