The inaugural SEED School Holiday Programme kicked off two weeks ago, and what an exciting and inspiring  learning journey it has been for both the facilitators and the children who attended. The programme is being run by the wonderful Serai Herbst with the help of specialist facilitators, and has been made possible due to the financial support of the Solon Education Foundation and of course the SEED staff and volunteers who work tirelessly year round growing gardens and making inspiring and life changing programmes happen!

The SEED School Holiday Programme has grown directly out of requests from parents in the areas surrounding Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre, who really battle and worry about their children for 6 crucial weeks of the year where they are at work and their children are not at school. Due to a lack of financially viable alternatives, many children in Mitchells Plain spend these 6 weeks locked indoors watching TV as the outside threat of gangsterism, drugs and violence can derail a childhood and, indeed a whole life.

Our holiday programme responds to this dire need and keeps children safe and held. Through providing exciting curriculum-enriching, garden-based activities covering all learning areas, fun filled arts and crafts, imaginative story telling and more; the programme seeks to enrich and inspire these children, filling their precious souls with beauty. As the children explore the wilderness and cultivated ecologies that have been created at Rocklands over the years , they also learn about food gardening, with each child being supported to start a food garden at home.