Seeding Futures

Seeding Futures

Climate Action Youth Programme

Join us for a transformational learning experience that will lead to both inner and outer transition in your life and work. Through a radical blend of learning methods we offer the opportunity to study alongside some of the pioneering thinkers, activists and practitioners working for positive change in the world today.

For 16 years we have been inspiring and supporting thousands of people to make the change towards more sustainable ways of living through schools and youth programs.


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Climate Resilience & Green Economy Education

Seeding Futures is 15-week Accredited skills program that covers the following modules:
  • Module 1: Accredited Permaculture Training (4 Weeks)
  • Module 2: Urban Regeneration (6 weeks)
  • Module 3: Personal Resilience (1 weeks)
  • Module 4: Job Shadows (4 weeks)
Module 1: Accredited Permaculture Training (4 Weeks)

The first four weeks of the program covers the curriculum of the, internationally recognised, Permaculture* Design Course (PDC). We cover ecosystems, soils, water, energy and plant systems.

We get to grips with the urban context in which we find ourselves and understand our food energy, water, transport and money systems.  We also learn the ethics and principles of good Permaculture design and then grow our design confidence – this culminates in a design project and presentation.

Permaculture is an optimistic design system that uses Ecological principals to meeting human need. It holds many of the solutions to the Climate crises we are facing and can be applied to whole cities, farms, homes and even balconies.

Module 2: Urban Regeneration (6 weeks)

We then spend 6 weeks growing our understanding of resilience issues facing households and neighbourhoods. We work at household and neighbourhood resilience in three week cycles, covering: Information, Design and Implementation.

We explore international and local examples of best practice and look at social and city mapping and then apply Permaculture design principles at a neighbourhood level.

We work in groups to map the challenges and through participatory design with community we design and implement household retrofits and neighbourhood resilience systems to withstand shock and disturbance and with the service lines cut.

The process will give you experience of: interviewing clients and design systems to address food, water, energy, temperature management, waste, medicine and fuel.

Growing Resilience

The program grown resilience in Mitchells Plain through retrofitting 48 Mitchells Plain homes for climate resilience and 48 neighbourhood systems that include: social spaces, food co-operatives, food ways, storm water harvesting and compost toilets.

This impacts on the resilience of Mitchells Plain, starts to create a demonstration of what is possible for neighbourhoods in the face of climate change.

Module 3: Personal Resilience (1 weeks)

Here we get ready for the world of work. We believe the first step is to get to know ourselves, our strengths and beliefs – we practice articulating and expressing ourselves. We look at work/life balance and set ourselves goals. We practice communication skills, including dealing with conflict through Non-Violent Communication. We learn self-care practices like Chi Gong, Yoga and meditation and we spend some time in.

Module 4: Job Shadows (4 weeks)

Gain invaluable experience into the world of work. This 4-week Job Shadow shows us the realities of working and what goes in to running enterprises.  

This is through our local green economy partners in Cape Town.

Job Shadows boost the local green economy

Our Job Shadows boost the local green economy through providing 16 000 free, capacitated hours and also we grow partners that have started to articulate their skills gaps so that we can grow the training we offer to strengthen these.

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“ … and beyond all the amazing knowledge gained, I learnt something that changed me forever. How to see and accept myself for who I am. Connection, feedback through reflection, and acceptance was completely enforced embodied from the facilitators of the course. This quickly set me on a course of becoming aware of myself, providing a framework with which to align to my purpose in life and easily move toward it and make corrections along the way. Now, after applying the learning for over 12 months, I am well on my way to becoming resilient, as well as just about to launch my own urban Permaculture Training Centre so one seed really does start a forest.”

Imraan Samuels, 2014 graduate

“Seeding Futures has given my daughter, Ayanda direction, purpose and a skill by which she can sustain herself and help others sustain themselves. It also helped her take responsibility for her life by identifying where her gifts are.. I certainly support and promote the values and spirit espoused by SEED.”

Mirna Lawrence, parent Seeding Futures intake 2017

“This program changed my daughters whole outlook on life and the type of person she it. It has grown her responsibility, caring and nurturing. She’s come out of her shell and now looks forward the future. Our youth are the superheroes of tomorrow who have the power to take this important work to more young people. The change I have seen in my daughter gives me hope that we can change the mindset of the whole mass of youth and therefore our future has hope. We need to strengthen this program.

Saudiq Hartley, parent Seeding Futures intake 2017


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