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SEED is an award-winning non-profit and public benefit organisation operating from Mitchell’s Plain on the Cape Flats. Our work over the last 14 years has pioneered the Outdoor Classroom to not only grow ecological literacy, but also organic food for school goers, and importantly, also for the communities in which they are situated.

SEED is growing Rockland’s Urban Abundance Centre at Rocklands Primary in Mitchells Plain. The centre has grown out of direct request from community for jobs, skills and food gardens. We are now growing a training centre and enterprise hub that will contribute to the resilience and social cohesion of Mitchell’s Plain while offering education in permaculture and sustainable living, and demonstrating resilience practices to the local community and broader Cape Town population.

The use of schools as a central point for community-based resources supports ecological literacy, and also provides a means for SEED to establish strong relationships with communities who are able to engage with and benefit from the schools permaculture resources to make themselves and their families more capable of growing food in a context of very uncertain economics and even access to food.

SEED has a track record of working in partnerships with stakeholders and the committed delivery of projects.

Latest Blog

APT Internship weeks 12 to 15 – Berry cages, Food Freedom and transformation

In the previous weeks we implemented our designs and planted a Zone 2 Garden, which encompasses a food forest, indigenous windbreak and staple crop production. The next step in this system was to install the water management systems and to construct a berry cage.


The berry cage has been placed in the south eastern side of the garden where the center of the cage was […]

Latest News

Indigenous foods to boost food security in the Cape Flats

The inspiring Loubie Rusch of Making KOS took members of the 100 Homes Project and SEED staff on a delicious Indigenous food journey at Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre, sharing with us her incredible knowledge about the growing and preparing of highly nutritious and readily available indigenous foods such as veldkool and dune spinach.

We are extremely excited about the Indigenous Foods Pilot Garden being set up at […]

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