Mobilising capacity in our Alumni.

SEED is committed to the long-term support a of our incredible Seeding Futures Alumni. This manifest in training opportunities and mobilising capacity and resources.


For now we are on a mission to support people running community gardens that feed people. Our vision is local, resilient and diverse food systems that feed our people.

We will load resources as we source them – watch this space!

We invite you to APPLY HERE  for support you need for your home growing and community gardens.

Our Resilience Training has been piloted over five years, with five intakes of students, graduating 100 youth per year.

We track the changes with students as a result of the course and also the impact they have in the world – in terms of changed behavior and the work they do in the green economy. 

The programs blends personal development support with technical permaculture training with low-cost resilience techniques, and equips individuals with hard and soft skills that promote greater levels of self-knowledge and behaviour change. 

The results is higher levels of personal resilience and wellbeing.

We welcome your application to become part of the solution and look forward to meeting you.

2022 Permaculture courses

For the year 2022 we are offering a range of modules that can be completed individually or curated into meaningful clusters.

We welcome your application to become part of the solution and look forward to meeting you.

R50 booking fee to secure your training.

Alumni Ignite

SEED believes in long-term relationships with our graduates and all graduates are welcomed into the alumni network which shares information and opportunities.

The following workshops are facilitated to grow the capacity of our alumni...

VIDEO | Permaculture Resilience Training

2023 Permaculture Courses

Seeding Futures is a 12-week accredited skills program that builds resilience skills in un- and under-employed youth, while connecting them to livelihood opportunities in the local green economy.