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Welcome to SEED

SEED promotes resilience in people and communities, using permaculture education and skills to redesign our cities and settlements.

Our flagship 15-week resilience training program Seeding Futures is changing lives.

EasyPeasy Seedlings is our first circular economy business.

Grow food in your own home, get started with Easy Peasy Seedlings.

See our range of books on developing resilient schools, re-connecting children to their eco-systems and growing good organic food.

We work a lot with gardens, but the real change happens through people.

We work to the permaculture principals of people care, Earth care and surplus share.

You can be part of the solution.

SEED's Impact

987 teachers trained
33796 school learners reached
4695 texbooks distributed
118 under-employed youth trained
13 climated-adapted house models created


When I came to SEED I was lost and broke and a few weeks later I felt like a human again. When I came here I did not have friends but now I have a green family. I have found myself again. I am ready to go uplift my household and look life in the eyes again.

Tyron Petersen

I’m thinking of starting my own farming using permaculture principles, not worrying about money but using the resources that I have. Before attending this course, I didn’t know what I am capable of but now I know. This course is the best experience of my life.

Aphendule Nkantini

The way I look at the world has changed; seeing solutions to problems instead of just focusing on the problem itself. This course had built me as a person, making me stronger and gentler at the same time.

Maxine Weideman

On my first day I came into the course with a loner mentality and did not plan on befriending anyone; I never expected to meet the exact same group of people that I have desired to connect with all my life. This course has changed my life forever and made me remember who I am

Danii Cyster

This course has allowed me to be my best self. Connecting with people (people care) has been the most meaningful to me.

Nuraan Goliath

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