SEED is an award-winning Non-Profit and Public Benefits Organization that operates from the Cape Flats in South Africa. We focus on growing real resilience in people and restoring communities from within.

SEED believes that change happens through people – it is capacitated and committed individuals that change the world. South African are the most incredible, resilient people and it is within our means to grow resilient socially cohesive communities - localizing food systems, growing circular economy enterprises and giving our incredible youth the chance to thrive.

Permaculture Training 2021

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Building Resilience in our Cities .

Resilience and Climate Change

Resilience is our capacity to recover from shocks and stresses.  
We believe there is urgent work needed to grow the resilience of our people to survive and thrive.
Predictions for climate change are increases in these shocks and stresses; including disruption to food production systems, increased fires, water shortages and rising temperatures.
In some ways Covid-19 and the lockdown has been like a dress rehearsal for climate change: shining a light on our vulnerabilities and giving us a unique window to skill up our people start to work towards the world we want to live in.



424 graduates
89% long term resilience practice
58% employment
16 enterprises incubated
42 535 hrs into local enterprises


10 jobs created
4546 seedling trays sold 
10 neighborhood nodes grown
1 seed bank established
Localising our food systems


1343 teachers graduated 
72 outdoor classrooms nationally
56748 learners impacted
5 text books written with teachers
5467 text books to teachers