Rocklands Abundance Centre

Based at Rocklands Primary in Mitchells Plain, the Rocklands Abundance Centre is our Campus and also serves as resilience hub that aims to inspire and equip a broad base of people to grow their own resilience, with a focus on food and jobs.

We are busy building a local food system that includes a nursery, food garden, a café and compost systems.

We aim to make the experience of learning about our food system and then enjoying a garden-based meal at our café which opens in Spring 2022.

The aim is to show the simple satisfaction of growing and eating your own food and how easy this is.

VIDEO - SEED Café, feeding people on R30 a day.

Location | SEED & Rocklands Abundance Center

@ Rocklands Primary School, Cnr Park Ave & Capricorn Way, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town

Why we should localise food systems.

Our South African food system is highly dependent on fossil fuels, genetically modified seeds and artificial fertilizers and pesticides.  

This means that farmers are reliant on big corporations for their inputs and at the mercy of price hikes, it also means the price of food is linked to the price of petrol.

 On top of this, our feeding system is destroying our soil, water while impacting heavily on biodiversity and producing 30% of all greenhouse gases.

 If there ever was a time to embrace growing, buying and eating organic and indigenous foods that time is now. 

Not only are these foods more nutrient dense, their production regenerates environment, sequesters carbon and creates local jobs.

The Change has got to come from us. Each of us eats every day and our Rands are votes for the systems we want to see in the world.

- Eat Seasonally
- Support local and regenerative growers and farmers
- Grow your own food

Our Commitment

At  SEED we are committed to local production for local consumption. 

We have pivoted our Gardens at
to support three local feeding schemes, directly impacting 766 people. 

(We have produced 1.4 tonnes of high nutrition vegetables as well as 7300 locally baked naan breads since January 2021)

How you can help

Seasonal Seedling Trays

Collect in Rocklands Mitchells Plain, Noordhoek or Newlands.