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We look forward to welcoming you to our campus at the Rocklands Abundance Centre, introducing your to our team and sharing the powerful vision and purpose that keeps us motivated.

Internships are designed to enable school-leavers considering a career in a regeneration field as well as anyone wanting to grow relevant skills for sustainable and green living – that can be applied to your homes and lives.

You will gain valuable skills and experience as a mentored and working member of our team.

Volunteers are encouraged to initially work in all systems and to specialise if they are clear on a focus.

Our volunteers engage in scheduled work activities on-site, honing their skills in the following components of the centre:

  1. Food Systems: Production planning, Fertility, Planting, Harvesting, Pest Management
  2. Permaculture Design: Work in established Permaculture systems.
  3. Nursery: Learn about seeds, grow seedlings and useful plants.
  4. Administration: Explore the operational and management aspects of our programs.
  5. Facilitation: Contribute to our various training and courses
  6. Catering: Discover the art of nutritional and seasonal cooking practices.

Internships include 2 meals a day @ Marley’s Café and are Certified.

Price for international students R 350/day

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SEED issues Section 18A Tax Exemption certificates for all donations.