Permaculture for Schools

The Outdoor Classroom.

SEED grew out of the Cape Flat's where we worked closely with incredible teachers to pilot curriculum and lesson plans while experimenting with growing Outdoor Classrooms, for feeding learners and as living laboratories for relevant curriculum delivery.

Learnings were distilled into the Outdoor Classroom program that operated nationally between 2009-12.

These textbooks and training materials are aligned to the national education system of South Africa and written initially for OBE (Outcomes Based Education System) from 1994 and later CAPS from 2005. We honour all the teachers we worked with over our years with the Outdoor Classroom program - we remain humbled and inspired by your commitment and how much fun it was.

SEED is now slowly waking up the Outdoor Classroom, first with Rocklands Primary and now starting to look at how we support other Cape Flats schools.

We welcome interested teachers to visit our site at Rocklands Primary and see how we bring learning alive in the Outdoor Classroom.

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