The Outdoor Classroom.

SEED is probably known best for pioneering regeneration education in under-resourced schools across South Africa.

These textbooks and trainings were developed in Cape Flats, with an incredible group of teachers. They later enabled the Outdoor Classroom Program to go national (between 2009-12).
++ We honour all the teachers we worked with over Outdoor Classroom years (*you know who you are) and remain humbled and inspired by your commitment and how much fun it was.

These textbooks and training materials are offered with lots of love. They are aligned to the national education system of South Africa and written initially for OBE (Outcomes Based Education System) from 1994 and later CAPS from 2005.

SEED is slowly waking up the Outdoor Classroom Program, starting with Rocklands Primary (our Zone 0), we are adding one more school in 2024 as we pilot an Alumni-led Outdoor Classroom Program that could employ our ambitions youth to work with schools in their communities.

In all our years of working with schools, we found that this is where the magic is seeded. We found that if young people are connected with their ecosystems before they are six, they will protect them. (you fight for what you love!) We argue that this is how we start the Green Economy.
We also found that the program grows an appreciation of life – and we witnessed this in the way children interacted with plants and each other.

Watch this space for the Outdoor Classroom revolution!

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