Resilience Training

Our Resilience Training has been piloted over five years, with five intakes of students, graduating 100 youth per year.

The programs teaches a blend of personal development and technical permaculture training with low-cost resilience techniques, and equips individuals with hard and soft skills that promote greater levels of self-knowledge and behaviour change. 

The results are higher levels of personal resilience and wellbeing.

We welcome your application to become part of the solution and look forward to meeting you.

2023 Permaculture Training courses

Seeding Futures is a 12-week accredited vocational skills program that builds resilience and green economy skills.

This semester we are running the Accredited Applied Permaculture Training (APT) as an initial bootcamp. Graduates from the APT can apply for the Resilience Training - which includes a job shadow.

Alumni Ignite

SEED believes in long-term relationships with our Alumni and offer the following capacity building programs.

  • Personal Resilience
    “The course transformed my life. Before the course I had no idea where I was going in life. I had no idea that I could be in full control of my emotions.”

    This course has been a life changing experience and I look at the world with new eyes.”

    “The course saved me from a deep and dark depression, It has shifted the way I see the world and the things around me. I now have knowledge and skills that I will use for the rest of my life.”

    This course has offered me coping mechanisms to face and overcome obstacles. Full soul regeneration and motivation.”

  • Household Resilience
    I am now growing my own vegetables and medicine and cooking outside using a rocket stove.” 

    I started a water system and a food system and implemented it in my community.”

    I improved my water harvesting and recycling, switched to biodegradable cleaning products, planted a food garden and started a sidewalk community garden. I made a rocket stove and a wonder bag and consciously interacted with my broader community and built stronger connections.” 

  • Economic Resilience
    This course has made me into an asset to any green economy. 

    I got a job after the course, through the Job Shadow."

    “I am amazed by the value of the content shared in the course. I hope SEED continues to uplift individuals that, in turn, uplift the communities they live in.” 

    Everyone needs this opportunity to learn, it is a must. My experience was a blessing and I have learned a lot that will help me in future.”

    “I wish this course could be compulsory in schools so that kids can sustain themselves growing up.”

Alumni Stories: Finding purpose through Permaculture