SEED operates from Rocklands Resilience Hub, our Mitchells Plain based campus, where we are privileged to teach in established systems that actively demonstrate the principles and practices Permaculture Design.

We believe in sharing education that helps individuals to belong and thrive.
Rocklands Systems focus on abundant food systems, appropriate technologies, social innovation, supporting local entrepreneurship to grow the local green economy.
Our systems are always evolving and include the following: Strategies for dealing with prevailing winds, fertility systems for growing in sand dunes, Miyawakee Forest Pilot, Food Forests, Food Gardens, Demonstration Compost toilet systems and buildings made of waste and recycled materials, including two Outdoor Classrooms and a model RDP house.
The following small businesses operate from Rocklands and would love your support:

Marley’s Café: Has been open for business since February 2023.
The Care has grown out of the kitchen that fed students on the Resilience Training. We aimed to make the meals replicable for students and planned meals at the national average of R30/person/day. This is where we began to notice the magic of Marley’s Café - with so many students testifying to its healing and transformative powers.

Hill & Gale Nursery. This Regeneration Nursery specialising in Permaculture plants and organic vegetable seedlings.
Hill and Gale are the growing force behind Easy Peasy seedlings and the Rocklands food garden. They also contract grow seedlings for Cape Flats Community Gardens and are available to

Food System Tours. Designed as the gateway experience to a Regenerative futures, these tours grow a local food revolution through introducing individuals to the miracles of growing food organically.
Come and see how we are seeding change are growing food in the sand dunes.

We look forward to welcoming your soon.

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Book a SEED Tour

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We look forward to welcoming you to our campus at the Rocklands Abundance Centre, introducing your to our team and sharing the powerful vision and purpose that keeps us motivated.

Our guided tour immerses you in a working model of regenerative food systems and practices.

The tour takes two hours and includes a seasonal plate (lunch) at Marleys Café.

Feel free to grow your own household resilience by shopping for permaculture plants and seedlings at the Hill & Gale Nursery.

Please send an email to to confirm your tour booking.

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Marley's Cafe, feeding people on R30/day

SEED Smart Schools Solar Project

Location | SEED & Rocklands Abundance Center

@ Rocklands Primary School, Cnr Park Ave & Capricorn Way, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town

SEED issues Section 18A Tax Exemption certificates for all donations.