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    Welcome to SEED.

    SEED works to grow personal, household and community resilience, and prepare youth for work in the local green economy.

    At the heart of our work is permaculture; an optimistic tool for designing low-carbon, highly productive human and environmental systems. 

    At the Rocklands Abundance Center in Mitchell's Plein, Cape Town, we envisage a transformed Cape Flats where young people are inspired and empowered to create thriving and resilient communities. We focus on abundant food systems, appropriate technologies, social innovation, supporting local entrepreneurship and transformative education.

    We offer resilience education training programs for youth & adults. 

    We deliver the Outdoor Classroom Program at Rocklands Primary and offer a range of Permaculture text book downloads to support education programs at schools.

    Grow your own resilience by learning to grow vegetables with SEEDs Easy Peasy Seedlings and become part of the solution through changing your own behaviour.

    Become part of the solution, we can do this together!