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Eco-Wise Consultants

Eco-Wise Consultants


Meet Juliet Shellar from the Eco-Wise Educational Camp

Juliet is a visionary with a dream to craft an educational haven for teens and families alike. While the development of her camp is underway, her vision is nothing short of a masterpiece - a sustainable, educational space for learning, adventure, and wellbeing.

Juliet's passion lies in nurturing young minds and building bridges between generations. Her dream is to create a space that isn't just for one audience but for all, a place where school camps, church groups, and families can come together to experience the wonders of organic farming, learning, collaboration, and sustainability.

The Educational Camp Model:
Juliet envisions a camp that is so much more than a collection of tents, cabins and trails. It's a living, breathing ecosystem, a place where young minds can explore nature, understand sustainability, and connect with history, science, and culture. It's a camp where learning is an adventure and curiosity knows no bounds.

For schools, the Eco-Wise Educational Camp offers the chance to take the classroom into the wild, where students can learn by doing, immerse themselves in the natural world, and build a deeper connection to their studies. For church groups, it's a space for spiritual growth, where faith is woven into the very fabric of nature. It's an opportunity for reflection, community building, and service. For families, it's a place of bonding, where parents and children come together to explore, learn, and create lasting memories in a sustainable, wholesome environment.

The Dream Unfolding:
While the camp may not yet exist in brick and mortar, it thrives in the heart and mind of Juliet. Her vision is a beacon of possibility, waiting to light up the lives of those who seek it. Juliet is more than an entrepreneur; she's a dreamweaver, a creator of connections and a guide to a future where learning and sustainability go hand in hand. Her story is one of aspiration and the belief that dreams, when nurtured, can change the world. Join the cause and be part of the unfolding dream of an educational camp where learning is easy and sustainability is a way of life.

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