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Sakha Isizwe

Sakha Isizwe

Personal Biography
Julita Dorman's impressive achievements reflect her unwavering dedication to personal growth and community betterment. Her educational pursuits and specialised certifications, spanning Early Childhood Development, nonprofit management, substance abuse, and adult education, equip her with valuable tools to address her community's diverse needs. Julita's commitment to continually enhancing her knowledge and skills underscores her enduring commitment to community improvement. Her passion for education and community development is evident, and her efforts promise to leave a significant and positive impact on the lives of those she serves. 

Individuals like Julita Dorman play a pivotal role in driving positive change within their communities and inspiring others to follow suit. Her journey serves as a compelling example of how education and personal growth can be harnessed for the greater good, and the ripple effects of her work are likely to be felt for years to come.

Business Introduction

The organisation's primary goal is to foster social cohesion through engaging educational activities targeted at young children and providing spaces for healing and support for their caregivers. This model represents a pragmatic approach that effectively addresses the Delft community's most pressing development needs, specifically focusing on education and personal growth. Furthermore, it empowers local community members by equipping them with essential skills.

Julita Dorman, the founder of this initiative, along with her dedicated team and under the initial guidance and leadership of the Foundation for Community Work (FCW), conceived the programmatic concepts of Sakha Isizwe with a clear vision in mind. They recognized that in densely populated communities like Delft, where there is a substantial young population in need of comprehensive nurturing, the family unit serves as the cornerstone of the community. Through participatory educational activities for children and healing spaces for caregivers, the organisation strives to strengthen this vital building block and, in doing so, uplift the entire community.


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